8th October 2018 admin

Nitin Gadkari,union minister in BJP government has said BJP lead central government was built on jumlas and fake promises. He also said that they were confined that they would not come to power and were suggested to make tall promises.

11th September 2018 admin

1. Elevating the fuel prices without any justification when the crude price is comparatively low. Price of fuel is maintained high by imposing high tax rate is a classic example of burdening the general public. 2. LPG crossed over the 800 Rs mark … It is double the price of 2014. 3. A nose dive of Indian Rupee… which is holding the record of the most devalued currency in Asia. 4. Railway fare has been drastically increased. The minimum charge has gone from Rs.5 to Rs.10. It is the first time in the history the rail charges have increased at…

6th July 2018 admin

Controversial twitter handle @mvmeet was in news yet again, after he claimed From 2016-2018, Total 84374 rapes happened in the country 81000 rapists were Musl*ms 96 % of the women and the children targeted by the rapists were Hindus In nation it’s not Musl*ms Who are in danger but HINDUS — Mahesh Vikram Hegde (@mvmeet) July 3, 2018 In an official statement given to Alt News regarding the claim, NCRB has clarified, “It is totally wrong data & complete misrepresentation of facts as NCRB does not collect data on the religion of accused & victims. It is malicious propaganda, which needs to be countered by…

9th June 2018 admin

Nurtured criminals.Story will be updated shortly.

3rd June 2018 admin

A young Sydney Muslim businessman turned humanitarian after being diagnosed with cancer is being remembered for helping thousands of people across many countries through his charity ‘Muslims Around the World’. Ali Banat was a young wealthy businessman from the Sydney suburb of Greenacre, and reportedly renowned for living a lavish lifestyle, earned from owning a security and electrical company. But after being diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer three years ago he said he decided to distribute his wealth. He was told he had seven months to live but instead lived for another three years. In that time he says he got rid…

20th May 2018 admin

Moral victory for bjp as yeddyurappa resigns moments before floor test.. HD kumaraswamy has been called to take oath on Wednesday. Kumaraswamy will be visiting delhi today to meet sri Rahul Gandhi and Smt Sonia Gandhi.

16th May 2018 admin

Madam kaneez fatima wins gulbarga north with a margin of 5940 votes while appu gowda successfully retains his gulbarga south seat.Congress is continuously in touch with JD(S) to form government.

14th May 2018 admin

Tough battle Counting expected to start at 8:00 AM Download Chunavana app from play store as well as from the App Store for continuous updates.