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BJP government was built on jumlas

Nitin Gadkari,union minister in BJP government has said BJP lead central government was built on jumlas and fake promises. He also said that they were confined that they would not come to power and were suggested to make tall promises.

In 2019,what have you chosen india?

In 2014 narendra modi came to power with the promise of acchay din,black money,two crore jobs and the famous Gujarat model of development which coming to 2019 disappeared from his speeches. In 2019 he was heard speaking more on nationalism,national security,his...

56 reasons why you should not vote for BJP in 2019

1. Elevating the fuel prices without any justification when the crude price is comparatively low. Price of fuel is maintained high by imposing high tax rate is a classic example of burdening the general public. 2. LPG crossed over the 800 Rs mark ... It is double the...

CM narendra modi to PM narendra Modi

Ps: its easy to preach than to practice.

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe

Live: At 3:33 a.m. EDT on Aug. 11, while most of the U.S. is asleep, NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida will be abuzz with excitement. At that moment, NASA’s Parker Solar Probe, the agency’s historic mission to touch the Sun, will have its first opportunity to...

@mvmeet-postcard news

Controversial twitter handle @mvmeet was in news yet again, after he claimed From 2016-2018, Total 84374 rapes happened in the country 81000 rapists were Musl*ms 96 % of the women and the children targeted by the rapists were Hindus In nation it's not Musl*ms Who are...

RSS-The nurtured criminals

IOS 12

Apple released its new version of IOS at WWDC 2018. This new update focuses on improvements in performance as we knew iOS 11 has endless list of glitches it has completely redesigned Siri experience and lot more. Apple released its developers beta version hours after...

Ali banat

A young Sydney Muslim businessman turned humanitarian after being diagnosed with cancer is being remembered for helping thousands of people across many countries through his charity ‘Muslims Around the World’. Ali Banat was a young wealthy businessman from the Sydney...

Moral victory of BJP

Moral victory for bjp as yeddyurappa resigns moments before floor test.. HD kumaraswamy has been called to take oath on Wednesday. Kumaraswamy will be visiting delhi today to meet sri Rahul Gandhi and Smt Sonia Gandhi.


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